About us

Welcome to TCS-iON

We are the first TCS-iON Training partner in Rajasthan. iNternPEDIA has all the values to be a partner of Tata Enterprise. We cater to the raw talent of this region which was left unattended till now. iNternPEDIA partners with TCS iON to provide Mentoring-as-a-Service to shape the ignited minds. TCS-iON stands for building solid foundation stones and shaping up the future of the nation. iNternPEDIA is committed to this value. We take lot of pride in providing world class training in our state of the art campus to produce, quality professionals. There has been an age old divide between academia and industry. We are committed to bridge this gap so that, the youth and the industry are mapped well.
In our Mentoring as a service model, we provide end to end guidance to the candidates so that, they fit into the respective domain. We provide guidance to our mentees so that, they are well equipped to meet the expectations of the industry from the word go. We just do not train them, we groom them.More than 20 TCS-iON certified Mentors provide extensive knowledge and exposure to the mentees in state of the art campus. Mentees are encouraged for continuous

innovation and thought leadership.Over the years we have produced more than 3000 passionate professionals.Our focus has always been upskilling of our mentees. We are the first to introduce Agile Methodology. We strive incessantly to add value to the mentorship programs. Agility helps us to keep pace with the ever changing industry and follow the best practices. Our mentoring methodologies are agile as well. It is moulded in such a manner that, there is always a scope of customization to facilitate the mentees coming up the learning curve.