Android Training


Introduction to Android Programming

•          Android OS      • Architecture    • Dalvik Virtual Machine

•          Android SDK- Eclipse / Android Studio           •Android Development Tools (ADT)

•          Android Virtual Devices (AVD)


•          Activity Life cycle      •            Style and Themes     • Activity Title

•          Dialog Windows        •            Progress Dialog



•          Linking activities using intents

•          Filter Collision

•          Intent Object and usage.

•          Calling built-in application.

•          Intent object

•          Intent filters


•          Displaying notifications

User Interface

•          Views and ViewGroups

•          Layouts-Linear, Absolute, Table, Relative, Frame

•          Scroll View

•          Display Orientation

•          Managing Screen Orientation

•          Action Bar

•          Programmatically creating UI

•          Listening to UI Notifications

Action Bar

Media Player

Basic Views

•TextView, Button, ImageButton, EditText, CheckBox, ToggleButton, RadioButton, RadioGroup, ProgressBar View, AutoCompleteTextView View

•          Picker View-TimePicker and DatePicker

•          ListView and Spinner View


•          Helper methods          • Options Menu          • Context Menu

•          Additional Views-AnalogClock, DigitalClock, Web View

Persisting Data

•          Saving and Loading Preferences     • Saving data to files

•          Creating and Using Databases


•          SMS Messaging

•          Sending Email

Location Based Services

•          Displaying Maps       •            Location data            •            Monitoring Location


•          Consuming Web Service via HTTP    •            Consuming JSON Services.

•          Socket programming

Android Service Development

•          Creating service

•          Services communication, Timer, Async Task, Binder, IBinder.

•          Activity and Service binding          • Understanding Threading

Hardware Access:

Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, other sensors

Telephony Manager

Text-to-Speech API

Publishing Android Application

•          Preparing application for publishing.

•          Deploying APK Files.