JAVA Training

JAVA (6 weeks)

Introduction to Java


Discussion of Java features and OOPS Concepts

Installation of Netbeans IDE


primitive data types
non-primitive data types

Variable declaration


Control flow statements

Command line arguments

Passing command line arguments in Netbeans

Take input and display output

Arrays and Enhanced for loop

OOPS programming

class and object
various types of constructors
instance methods and static methods
use of this keyword

package and various scope rules
abstract class and interfaces
use of static, final keyword

Exception handling

try, catch, finally, throw, throws
checked exception
unchecked exception

String Handling

mutable string
immutable string
String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer
Important Methods in the String Class
IO (Input and Output)

byte stream
character stream
Creating Files Using Class File

Working with Date class

Generics and Collections

Utility classes

Wrapper classes


Multithreading programming

Thread class
Runnable interface

GUI programming

Difference between CUI and GUI
Swing (various components and containers)
Event handling
Applet through JApplet
Develop GUI using Netbeans Drag n drop feature

JDBC (Java database connectivity)

Type of drivers
Basics of SQL
executing SQL using statement
executing SQL using preparedstatement

Socket programming