MVC (6 Weeks)

Overview of the ASP.NET

•  Introduction of different Web Technology

•  What is ASP.NET MVC

•  Role of Model, View, and Controller

•  How ASP.NET MVC Works

•  Benefits of using ASP.NET MVC

Setting up and Installing ASP.NET MVC

•  Installing Internet Information Server

•  Installation of ASP.NET MVC

•  Application Setting in IIS.

Getting Started with MVC

•  MVC project templates

• Understanding the structure of an ASP.NET MVC project

•  Naming conventions

•  Creating views

•  Defining controllers

•  Defining controllers

Creating an application in MVC

•  Creating strongly-typed views

•  Understanding URLs and action methods

•  Using HTML helpers

•  Handling form post-backs

•  Data validation

Razor View Engine

•  Razor Basics

•  Razor design goals

•  Implementation of Razor view

•  Razor syntax

•  Accessing Model Data in Razor views

Strength ASP.NET MVC Applications

•  application architecture best practices

• Implementing a Repository and Entity Framework Data Model

•  Using Dependency Injection

•  Implementing a custom controller factory

View Techniques

•  Defining and using custom HTML Helpers

•  Defining a layout / MVC Master Page

•  Using Styles

•  Defining and using partial views

•  Razor Helper Method syntax

Implementing Navigation in MVC web apps

•  Defining view-model classes

•  Implementing Data Filtering in a Controller

•  Understanding the Routing mechanism

•  Adding custom entries to a route table

MVC State Management

•  Using hidden fields

•  Session and Application State

•  Custom model bindings

Publishing Android Application

•          Preparing application for publishing.

•          Deploying APK Files.