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.NET – Web Development

Over View of .net Frame work

Different version of .net Framework

Introduction of CLR

Working of CLR


JIT(Just in Time) Compiler

Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL)

Understanding ILDASM and ILASM

Common Type System(CTS)

Common Language Specification

Managed and Unmanaged Code in Framework


Basic C# Syntax

Data Types, Variables

Conditional Statements
Looping Structures
Concept of class and Object

Abstraction and Encapsulation
Array and String
Abstract Class and Interface

Static Website

Html5 and CSS3
Javascript and Jquery
Template and Website Hosting

Asp.net 4.0

Understand the basic architecture of a Web application
Asp.net Page life cycle event
Internet Information Server with asp.net
Standard Asp.net Control
Server side and Client side validation
Master Page
Dynamically assigning Master Page in Asp.net
Implementation of theme and skin file
State management System

Sql server

Transact sql queries
Sql constraints
-Not Null


-Primary Key




Introduction of ado.net
Different provider
Connected and Disconnected mode
Ado.net Architecture
-Connection Object

-Command Object

-DataSet Object

-Data Reader Object

-Data Adapter Object

-CommandBuilder Object

Working with SqlServer stored Procedure
Data Bound Control

The SqlDataSource Control
Grid View Control
Chart Control
Web Application using Asp.Net AJAX

Introduction of Ajax
Implementation Ajax in Asp.Net application
Working of Script manager
Implementation of Update panel

Understanding basic architecture of Asp.Net MVC
Controller in MVC Application
View in MVC Application
Model in MVC Application